May 2023

2023 Vision Summit

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SGA Dental Partners, the leading Dental Support Organization (DSO) in the Southeast US, recently hosted an inspiring and empowering event for their partner dentists. The Vision Summit, held in Orlando, Florida, brought together dentists from across the SGA family to discuss the company’s success, foster improvement within their practices, and enjoy a well-deserved break at the luxurious Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort.

A Celebration of Success and Collaboration:

The Vision Summit served as a platform for SGA Dental Partners to celebrate the remarkable achievements of their partner dentists. The event showcased the collective success and growth of the company, emphasizing the pivotal role each dentist plays in the organization’s advancement. Through engaging presentations, interactive sessions, and valuable discussions, the summit fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and shared knowledge.

At the core of SGA Dental Partners’ philosophy lies the value of “Empower Improvement.” During the Vision Summit, partner dentists explored ways to enhance their practices and propel their professional growth. Engaging discussions and informative sessions facilitated the exchange of innovative ideas, best practices, and successful strategies. SGA Dental Partners believes in providing their dentists with the necessary tools, resources, and support to continuously improve and thrive in their careers.

Recognizing Excellence: SGA Dental Partners Honors Outstanding Dentists for their Daily Dedication