Dentist owned. Dentist led.

The DSO you would design.

We started in dentistry because we loved helping people. We saw an opportunity to help other dentists too. Far too many of us are losing collective bargaining power to larger dental groups and insurance companies. SGA uses our collective power to benefit our patients and our teams.


In dentistry, the relationship between the patient and the dentist is paramount. SGA manages and navigates the crucial interpersonal relationships that support the patient and dentist experience. SGA empowers teams and teaches cutting-edge lessons on how to take care of each other.

Maintaining a high level of engagement across all levels of our partnership is what separates us from everyone else.

SGA wants dentists to do what they love and then we’ll take care of the rest.

1995 — Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia

Dr. Jay Williams sees a need for a group of dentists to support each other while providing southwest Georgia with exceptional personal dental care with friendly, hometown service. Dr. Williams forms Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia.

2009 — Garner Dental Group

Dr. Lake Garner launches the Garner Dental Group to provide Mississippi and Alabama quality general dentistry and more advanced care. Based out of Hattiesburg, MS, the practice takes pride in excellent dental care for patients and support for dentists.

2018 — South Georgia Dental Management

After seeing unprecedented growth in his rural South Georgia dental practice since 2014, Dr. Zack Bentley partners with Thurston Group in 2018 to form South Georgia Dental Management. The move enables expansion into additional markets, successfully bringing the highest quality dentistry to communities across Georgia.

2022 — SGA Dental Partners

Dr. Jay Williams, Dr. Lake Gardner and Dr. Zack Bentley partner operations to form SGA Dental Partners. The new company establishes itself as the premier regional dental group with dozens of friendly locations in communities across the Southeastern United States … and growing!

Fulfilling chair time.
More spare time.


SGA partner dentists find more time with patients leads to more engaging experiences. SGA partner dentists also find themselves working less hours per week in a more efficient and happier office environment. It really is a win-win-win for everyone.

Happier patients. Happier staff. Happier dentists.

SGA does that.