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Our dentists average 5-star patient reviews.

In hometown communities across the South East, SGA Dental Partners is a beacon of positive energy — making a difference in people’s lives. Born from the coming together of three outstanding and long-respected dental practices into an even greater whole, SGA Dental Partners delivers the highest level of clinical excellence and patient-centered care.


As a vibrant, dentist owned and dentist led practice, we have a passion for creating amazing patient experiences. But we don’t stop there. We believe one of the best ways to love our patients is to truly support our exceptional dentist partners and teams who care for them. That’s why all SGA dentists retain autonomy. Full stop.

SGA also assists with modern technology acquisitions and back-office support. SGA elevates dental offices in virtually every level of operations because we are dentists too. We are looking for partner-dentists interested in optimizing efficiencies for increased profits while accumulating less stress. 

If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

It all starts with a simple approach: support.

03. Practice success.

We partner with high-performing dentists to get their practices to the next level. This includes helping them acquire the latest technologies in their offices, effective group leadership techniques and getting our amazing 85% retention rate even higher!

02. Patient happiness

Our method results in increased scores among patients of our partner dentists. We do this by elevating dentists to get back to practicing dentistry. SGA focuses on providing information and assistance to make patients and their families lifelong loyal supporters!

01. Empower dentists.

When we take care of our dentists, everything else becomes easier. From regular partner calls to our clinical advisory board, we support our partner dentists having a voice. We share information and profit off each other’s success.

Our mission and values are the F.I.R.E that fuels SGA.


Our goal? To continuously improve the lives of our patients, partners, and team. We believe in the power of a virtuous cycle, where each part of the cycle builds upon the previous component and improves the outcome of the next.

Over 100 Clinical Partnerships


SGA constitutes a network of dental practices committed to enhancing the well-being of the communities they serve. To explore our extensive list of practices, please click the link below.

A partnership of dentists invested in you
  1. You stay you.

    You created your brand and established yourself as your community’s dentist. The last thing we want is for you to throw away your work. With SGA, you keep your identity and your way of doing things. SGA wants to optimize not change your practice.

  2. Cut the ties that drag you down.

    Our business optimization includes billing, accounts payable, payroll, HR, compliance, ordering materials and just about anything that keeps you away from patients. This improves your patient’s satisfaction while giving you more free time.

    From patient to staff to dentist, nearly everyone leaves SGA partner dentists feeling better than when they went in that day. That’s why we started SGA.

  3. A true partnership

    The second you gain ownership shares in SGA, you are a true partner with a group that cares about patients just as much as you. You diversify your portfolio, you gain long-term financial security, your outlook gets brighter.

    Your ownership shares are good for as long as you remain a partner.

Don’t just take
our word for it

Here is what our Doctors are saying

SGA encourages and gets behind you. You have the support from so many leaders and clinicians in your journey. They take you from where you want to be and push you to get to where you are going. If you aspire to be an amazing doctor, SGA will support you every step of the way.

Latosha D. Harris, DMD

Waynesboro Family Dentistry

SGA's unwavering support has not only transformed the way I practice dentistry but has also enabled me to fulfill another dream - returning to my hometown to serve and grow with the community that raised me. This dream became a reality thanks to the resources and opportunities made possible by SGA.

Ben Miller, DMD

Dental Partners

What sets us apart from other companies, is that we have a direct relationship with the people at the very top of the company who are making decisions -who are also dentists. Our company is patient-led and patient-driven and that was evident to me right away when I started working with SGA. 

Nathan Buck, DMD

Dental Partners