March 2022

Thurston Group Announces Formation of the Premier DSO in the Southeast, SGA Dental Partners

Thurston Group (“Thurston”), a private equity firm focused on investments in healthcare and related business services sectors, announced today the formation of SGA Dental Partners, a Dental Service Organization (DSO) created by the joining together of Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia, Garner Dental Group and South Georgia Dental Management. Each of the three equal partners brings a long-standing reputation for excellence, which along with their combined 60 clinic locations in AlabamaGeorgiaLouisiana and Mississippi, positions SGA Dental Partners as the premier DSO in the Southeast.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the shared culture of excellence that shapes everything we do at SGA Dental Partners,” said Dr. Jay Williams, who founded Dental Partners of Southwest Georgia in 1995. “Our dentists and valued staff are invigorated by the spirit of collaboration and tremendous support we receive at every level. Thurston understands the culture of who we are.”

SGA Dental Partners is dentist-owned and dentist-led, with each dentist partner retaining complete clinical autonomy and the brand identity they’ve worked to build. The DSO provides exemplary practice management support, allowing its providers to continue their focus on exceptional patient-centered care.

“Our partnership provides a pathway to grow our company while limiting risk and providing excellent service to our patients and a remarkable environment for our team,” said Dr. Lake Garner, founder of Garner Dental Group.

SGA Dental Partners offices are located in secondary markets throughout AlabamaGeorgiaLouisiana and Mississippi: smaller, often rural communities that benefit from receiving the highest standard of comprehensive dental care — close to home. The company is investing in significant infrastructure and technology advancements to further support outstanding care in modern, comfortable settings.

“One of the best ways we can love our patients and fulfill our mission is to unequivocally support the dentists who serve them,” said Dr. Zack Bentley, founding partner of South Georgia Dental Management. “SGA Dental Partners empowers us to focus on our patient relationships while being surrounded by the best of everything.”

SGA Dental Partners is one of several provider platforms created by Thurston Group, known for its winning formula that gives doctor partners the respect, autonomy and shared equity they deserve.

“We treat our doctor partners and their teams like members of the Thurston family,” said Patrick J. Haynes III, Thurston Group Chairman and CEO. “We’re thrilled to bring our doctor-centric approach to more providers through SGA Dental Partners.”

SGA Dental Partners CEO Jordan DiNola said the company plans to continue building its footprint in the Southeast in 2022 by following Thurston’s doctor-centric model for growth and shared success.

“We’re grateful for our founding partners and the excellence they bring to SGA. With their momentum and excitement, we’re ready to partner with more doctors and change more lives with our positive mission,” said DiNola.